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Benefits of RedSail Advantage Clinical Services

As a PioneerRx, PowerLine, TransactRx, or QS/1 customer, you are part of the RedSail Advantage – a growing network of 11,500+ pharmacy locations serving over 8M patients monthly. The network provides access to programs that improve health outcomes and grow your business.

RedSail Advantage Solutions

Solutions for Clinical Services, Copay Assistance, RxCash+, Medical Billing

Our network members have access to powerful solutions that empower your pharmacy with lower costs and increased revenue.

Exclusive RedSail Copay Assistance

Unique copay solutions designed specifically for RedSail network pharmacies give you the advantage of lower costs and increased revenue. Your patients save, too!
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Designed to Help Pharmacies Manage Cash Transactions

This easy-to-implement RedSail Technologies program drives incremental value for your pharmacy and savings for your patients. Implementing RedSail's RxCash+ program and suggested pricing could have an immediate revenue uplift for your pharmacy.
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Easy Medical Billing for Clinical Services

Prevents underbilling, improper coding, and missing information so you capture all reimbursements owed.
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RedSail Clinical Services

Available within your existing RedSail workflows, our programs for clinical services and inventory savings work comprehensively to create healthier patients and boost store revenue. They help with inventory costs, primary and secondary non-adherence, comprehensive counseling, therapy gaps, and public health screenings.
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Types of Clinical Services

Being a RedSail pharmacy connects you to exclusive offers and clinical programs within the existing workflows of your software. From lower prices on insulin supplies to support for patient vaccine education, these programs offer stores and patients all the positive outcomes that flow from better medication adherence.
  • Primary non-adherence
    Pricing Partnerships
    Relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers that provide RedSail pharmacies with special lower pricing on medications and supplies. See instructions for R&S enrollment.
  • Primary non-adherence
    Primary Non-Adherence
    Educational opportunities with or without co-pay assistance. Increases rate of first-fill pickup at the pharmacy.
  • Secondary Non-Adherence
    Secondary Non-Adherence
    Predictive modeling, intervention, and continued use of education and co-pay assistance. Increases timeliness and rate of refill adherence at the pharmacy, decreases complete abandonment.
  • Comprehensive Counseling
    Comprehensive Counseling
    A blend of primary and secondary non-adherence program types, resulting in increased adherence and a healthier patient community.
  • Therapy Gaps
    Therapy Gaps
    Identifies patient cohorts attractive for selective therapy actions, such as vaccines. Results in successful encounters at the pharmacy and healthier patients.
  • Public Health Screenings
    Public Health Screenings
    Interactions, procedures, and screenings at pharmacies to detect or prevent a certain condition (e.g., diabetes). Promotes successful encounters, increased adherence, and better health.

RedSail Clinical Coaches

Dedicated Guidance for Pharmacy Program Success

RedSail wants our pharmacies to experience the full positive benefits of RedSail programs. A team of pharmacy consultants offers personal support in implementing new programs, sharing best practices, and assessing results.
Terri Albarano, MS, PharmD
Terri Albarano, MS, PharmD
Community, LTC, Chain, Inpatient/Acute, Compounding
KOL/Advisory Board Management

Program & Product Launch/Go-To-Market

Get to Know Terri
Holden Graves, Pharm
Holden Graves, PharmD
Community, Behavioral Health, Inpatient/Acute
PioneerRx Clinical Pharmacist

Care Goals SME

PMS Workflow
Get to Know Holden
Kristen Hartzell, PharmD
Kristen Hartzell, PharmD
Community, LTC, Compounding
VP/Program Director, Hartzell's Pharmacy

Leadership in Pennsylvania's
CPESN®, PPCN, Flip the Pharmacy®

eCare Plans & Payer Programs
Get to Know Kristen
Megan Scott, PharmD
Megan Scott, PharmD
Community, Clinical Practice, LTC, Compounding
Clinical Services Manager, Goodson Drug Company

MedSync, MTM, Vaccine Programs

20+ Years Experience in Independent Pharmacy
Get to Know Megan
Bridgett Smith, RPh
Bridgett Smith, RPh
Community, LTC, Chain, Inpatient/Extended Care
Consulting Business Owner & Clinical Account Management

Pharmacy Technician/Instructor

Get to Know Bridgett