RedSail Technologies: Legal Policies

Trademark, Copyright, Intellectual Property Protection/Use of Software and Materials

If you copy or download software or related materials, your use is governed by the terms of the software license agreement. The RedSail Technologies website contains brand/product names that are registered trademarks and trademarks of RedSail Technologies, LLC and its affiliates.

RedSail Technologies, LLC registered trademarks are as follow:

QS/1®, the QS/ 1 logo, QS1®, Integra® and the Integra logo, PowerLine® and the PowerLine logo, Mevesi® and the Mevesi logo, Adopt®, CornerDrugstore®,®, CRx®, eSigcap®, Health Wise Pharmacy®, Health-Minder®, InstantFill®, mobileRx®, NRx®, PaySentry®, QS/ 1 DeliveryRx®, QS/1 Document Management (QDM®), Remote Checkout®, RetrieveRx®, RxBilling®, RxCare Plus®, ScreenConnect®, ScriptChek®, SharpRx®, ShipRx®, SIZZLE®, SystemOne®, PrimeCare®, DocuTrack®, DeliveryTrack®, Logix®, Integra Cloud Fax®, and WebConnect®.

RedSail Technologies, LLC, trademarks are as follows:

RedSail Technologies™ and the RedSail Technologies logo, RedSail Advantage™, Multi-Site Management (MSM™), NRx OnDemand™, POS OnDemand™, PrimeCare OnDemand™, Q/Review™, RxCare Plus OnDemand™, SharpCentral™, SystemOne OnDemand™, and WebRx™.

PioneerRx® and the Pioneer logo are registered trademarks of PioneerRx, LLC.

Software and related materials are proprietary intellectual property and may not be distributed, modified, or reused in any way without the express written consent of RedSail Technologies, LLC or its respective affiliate. The use or misuse of trademarks, copyrights, and related materials is prohibited and will violate trademark, copyright, other laws/statutes, and state/federal regulations. RedSail Technologies, LLC and its affiliates registered trademarks and trademarks cannot be used on other websites without prior written authorization from RedSail Technologies, LLC or its respective affiliate.

Online Privacy Issues (Confidentiality)

If any of your personal customer or prospect information is outdated, please let us know at The RedSail Technologies website is designed for use by our current and future customers. Information customers leave on the website is used to process customer requests. RedSail Technologies, LLC, keeps information on file for future inquiries and updates customers may receive. RedSail Technologies, LLC, does not disclose or sell any personal identifying customer information to anyone.

Limitation of Liability (Disclaimer)

The information available on this site is provided “as is” without any express or implied warranty of any kind. The RedSail Technologies website is subject to change, and RedSail Technologies, LLC, does not warrant that the materials and information on the site will not be out of date or too current for some customer needs. Pricing of RedSail Technologies, LLC, products, as well as documentation for particular software releases is subject to change without notice. RedSail Technologies, LLC, shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on RedSail Technologies website content.


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