Simplify the Complexities of Track and Trace

The Choice is Yours – Take Control of DSCSA Compliance

Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

Often called “Track and Trace,” this law was designed to increase safety in the medication supply chain and mandates the electronic interoperability of prescription tracing. RedSail Technologies understands how important it is to provide our pharmacies with dedicated experts in DSCSA law, technology, and best practices. Our vetted partners offer comprehensive solutions that take the burden of being compliant off your shoulders, so you can focus on your patients and business.
InfiniTrak keeps your pharmacy DSCSA compliant
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Pharmacy Benefits

Available to all RedSail pharmacy customers
Providing end-to-end compliance with DSCSA requirements.
Verifies trading partners
Ensures good standing with with wholesalers and manufacturers.
Automates processes to avoid disruption 
Intuitive, cloud-based platforms with suspect alerts and 6 years of data storage. 
Puts a full DSCSA expert by your side 
Dedicated to all things DSCSA, from legal changes and technical requirements to SOP documentation and reporting. 
LSpedia OneScan Pharmacy Pro
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Pricing: $50/month (PioneerRx, NRx, Axys, PrimeCare) and $75/month integrated (PioneerRx — Coming Soon)
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Additional Opportunity: FREE Continuing Education (CE) to all registered pharmacists and techs: On the Right Track (and Trace): Pharmacy Compliance with the DSCSA

$50/month (PioneerRx, NRx, Axys, PrimeCare) and $75/month integrated (PioneerRx - Coming Soon)
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