Long-Term Care Pharmacy Software

Your pharmacy management system should keep you focused on what matters most: your patients.

The growing demands of the long-term care industry illustrate the crucial need for specialized pharmacy software designed to manage the complex workflows of LTC facilities. With the right software, your pharmacy can enhance service delivery, improve patient care, and streamline operations. This ensures that you are well-prepared to effectively handle the challenges of the evolving healthcare landscape.
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Why Choose RedSail Long-Term Care Pharmacy Software?

RedSail Technologies is committed to delivering the most technologically advanced and integrated long-term care pharmacy software solutions available. We are dedicated to shaping the future of pharmacy, particularly within the LTC sector, by providing scalable and innovative options, designed to offer significant benefits, and ensuring that our customers are equipped with the best tools to enhance patient care and streamline operations.
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increased profitability
Increased Profitability and Reduced Cost
enhanced efficiency and productivity
Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity
paitent care and safety
Focus on Patient Care, Safety, and Engagement
better inventory management
Extensive Interfaces and Connected Vendor Services
simplified ecare plans
World-Class Customer Support
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RedSail Gives You Solutions That Fit Your Pharmacy

Whether you operate a long-term care facility, nursing home, or other closed-door pharmacy, RedSail's long-term care pharmacy software merges long-standing expertise with advanced technology to enhance efficiency and outcomes within your business. Tailored for complex care settings like skilled nursing and senior living communities, it supports large-scale operations, ensures compliance, and optimizes patient care.

Pharmacy Management Systems

AxysLTC Pharmacy Management
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Axys LTC® Long-Term Care Pharmacy Software
Axys is the pioneering cloud-based management system developed exclusively for long-term care pharmacies. As the healthcare industry continues to advance, integrating state-of-the-art technology is essential. Our platform is crafted to strengthen your pharmacy operations and safeguard your future in a rapidly changing environment.

Utilize Axys to gain significant benefits like swift system updates, scalable efficiencies, and stringent security measures. The interface is intuitive, promoting a quick return on investment by minimizing total ownership costs. It seamlessly integrates into your existing processes, enhancing productivity without disrupting established routines. Moreover, Axys offers enhanced visibility into operations, delivering critical insights that empower better strategic decisions.

Learn about long-term care’s first cloud-based and most advanced system.
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PrimeCare Long-Term Care Pharmacy Software
PrimeCare is meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of long-term care pharmacies. Its robust pharmacy management system boosts productivity through features such as enhanced workflow optimization, efficient billing processes, and clear reporting mechanisms. These features help increase revenue, smooth operations, reduce unnecessary data entry, and elevate the quality of clinical services.

With integration compatibility to over 200 different systems (including various electronic Medication Administration Records, document management, and automated packaging systems), PrimeCare is exceptionally versatile. Its extensive functionality and adaptability allow pharmacies to thrive by easing the management of intricate tasks and ensuring sustained high operational efficiency.

See our comprehensive, scalable legacy long-term care management system.
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PrimeCare Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Workflow Software

DocuTrack Pharmacy Workflow Software
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DocuTrack Pharmacy Workflow Software
DocuTrack delivers a fully tailored pharmacy workflow solution that enhances operational efficiency by reducing manual tasks. This system grants immediate access to essential information, ensuring swift and precise responses to customer queries.

The platform's Unified Search capability enables effortless tracking of prescription statuses across different pharmacy management systems with a single click. DocuTrack also includes advanced performance reporting tools that highlight trends in pharmacy activities and customizable alerts that notify you of processing delays. Additionally, its Audit Assist feature streamlines the preparation of necessary documents for audits, making the audit process more manageable.

Learn why DocuTrack is the most comprehensive pharmacy workflow software.
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Pharmacy Delivery Software

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DeliveryTrack Pharmacy Delivery Software
DeliveryTrack is an advanced pharmacy delivery software crafted to improve logistical functions such as item verification, optimized routing, signature verification, and instant delivery confirmations. It's designed for optimal user experience, offering app compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, giving you the flexibility to select the platform that suits your operational needs best.

The software strengthens compliance, enhances accountability, and reduces audit risks. DeliveryTrack integrates effortlessly with a variety of pharmacy management systems, automated packaging solutions, and major carriers including UPS®, FedEx®, and DocuTrack. Use DeliveryTrack to refine your delivery operations, ensuring compliance and confident, reliable service.

See why DeliveryTrack is the best pharmacy delivery software on the market.
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DeliveryTrack Pharmacy Delivery Software
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“I just did an audit in two minutes flat! Thank you, DocuTrack! Normally that would have been a 30-60-minute task. Oh, how I love this system even more than I already did!”
“Having DeliveryTrack in place, being able to track, and becoming more efficient definitely makes us more confident in where our prescriptions are going…”
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Long-Term Care Software Features Your Pharmacy Needs

Interfaces & Integrations

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software drives business growth by seamlessly integrating with various customer technologies, including electronic health records (eHRs), ePrescribing, automated pharmacy packaging, remote dispensing, and electronic medication administration records (eMARs) like PointClickCare®. These interfaces improve connectivity and operational efficiency, ensuring effective and comprehensive pharmacy management.

RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy management software integrates with over 200 vendor interfaces and services, helping pharmacies maintain a competitive edge. Utilizing industry and government standards such as HL7, XML, Web Services, and NCPDP® SCRIPT 2017071, these interfaces streamline workflow efficiency and enhance patient engagement. By offering a variety of solutions, PrimeCare enables pharmacies to increase productivity, reduce redundant data entry, and deliver superior customer service.

Enhanced Workflow

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software enhances workflow efficiency through user-level configurable tasks, allowing businesses to retain their unique processes while enjoying a smart, time-saving design. Integration with leading content and delivery management systems accelerates operations, enabling pharmacies to achieve more in less time.

RedSail's DocuTrack long-term care pharmacy software boosts workflow efficiency and accuracy by organizing and storing essential documents. This customizable solution minimizes manual tasks and errors, providing quick order access and enhancing staff productivity. DocuTrack's adaptable workflow seamlessly integrates with existing processes, offering role customization and remote monitoring capabilities. Automated features such as barcoding, custom routing rules, and ePrescribing integration expedite order processing, ensuring rapid handling of STAT orders and reducing the workload of triage staff.

Document Imaging & Management

RedSail's DocuTrack long-term care pharmacy software tackles document imaging and management through its Audit Assist feature, which compiles all necessary documentation for easier audits. This advanced system maintains a comprehensive audit history for each document, ensuring reliable accountability. By storing records digitally, DocuTrack provides easy access and ensures compliance with workflow procedures, effectively eliminating the inefficiencies associated with paper files.

Cloud Fax

RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software offers Cloud Fax, delivering a robust and user-friendly solution with enterprise-level flexibility. This feature ensures secure faxing without hidden fees, providing a powerful tool for reliable digital communication.

RedSail's DocuTrack long-term care pharmacy software upgrades your fax system with Cloud Fax. This service minimizes costs related to handling paper documents and offers enterprise-level flexibility with no hidden fees, simplifying your pharmacy's digital communication processes.

Multi-Site Management (MSM™)

RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software features Multi-Site Management (MSM™), a SQL-based central data warehouse perfect for multi-location pharmacies. MSM automatically gathers data, enabling customized reports and easy data export to off-the-shelf software without needing extensive technical expertise. This system facilitates centralized management of drugs, third-party reimbursements, and wholesaler updates while tracking drug usage, sales trends, and prescription activity. With flexible reporting options, secure access controls, and features like centralized reconciliation and profile sharing, MSM simplifies operations, freeing pharmacists from back-office tasks and boosting efficiency across all locations.

Inventory Ordering & Management

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software simplifies inventory ordering and management by reducing the steps and time required for inventory processes. It facilitates the efficient management of multiple inventories and minimizes errors through barcode scanning. The web-based platform provides staff with the flexibility to manage inventory remotely, thereby enhancing productivity and accuracy in inventory control.

Accounts Receivable

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software improves accounts receivable management with comprehensive tools to view patient and insurance carrier balances, send statements, and generate detailed aging reports. It simplifies payment collection by allowing the addition of responsible parties.

RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software streamlines accounts receivable management, facilitating faster and less cumbersome payment collection. It provides features to view patient and insurance carrier balances, send statements, and print detailed aging reports. With flexible options for printing statements, assessing finance charges, and adding responsible parties to charge accounts, it simplifies the billing process for families, facilities, and other third parties. The Accounts Receivable module identifies slow or delinquent payers, handles collections, and alerts you to past-due accounts. Additionally, PrimeCare's billing matrix automates price plans, charge accounts, and prescription rebills, ensuring accurate billing based on payer status updates.

Immunization & Drug Reporting

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software offers advanced immunization and drug reporting with superior data insights. It integrates prescription, financial, inventory, and other key metrics into a unified dashboard, providing comprehensive visibility across single or multiple pharmacies. This integration enhances decision-making, ensures compliance, and improves operational efficiency.

RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software enhances immunization and drug reporting through precise electronic submissions to local or state Immunization Information Systems (IIS). This feature ensures accurate and timely reporting, helping long-term care pharmacies maintain compliance and support public health initiatives. For more details, consult our Services Directory.

Pharmacy at a Glance

RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software features the Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard, providing real-time visibility into all prescription processing queue activities. This customizable application aggregates data from Workflow, Tickler, ECS Log, and Electronic Information, updating at user-defined intervals. With color-coded thresholds to enhance efficiency, it helps technicians prioritize tasks by highlighting queues in green, yellow, or red based on their status. Pharmacy at a Glance eliminates the need to navigate multiple queues, offering a comprehensive overview that optimizes workflow and identifies bottlenecks.

Delivery Management

RedSail's DeliveryTrack long-term care pharmacy software enhances delivery management and shipping with features designed to improve compliance and efficiency. It provides searchable proof of deliveries by tote, manifest, or Rx, reducing non-compliance fines and ensuring a full audit trail from order receipt to final delivery. Real-time tracking allows you to monitor each delivery, recalculate estimates, and send automatic notifications. The software optimizes routes to save time, fuel, and money, ensuring faster deliveries. Tailored to your pharmacy's processes, DeliveryTrack supports various delivery types and works on any mobile platform, integrating seamlessly with pharmacy systems, automated packaging vendors, UPS®, FedEx®, and DocuTrack.

Long-Term Care / Nursing Home / Facility Management

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software is specifically designed to enhance operations in the long-term care pharmacy industry. As the first cloud-based solution for this sector, Axys LTC offers fast updates, cost-effective scaling, robust security, and exceptional reliability. Its intuitive user interface reduces training time, and the elimination of expensive server hardware lowers overall ownership costs. The configurable workflow adapts to your business needs and integrates seamlessly with industry-leading content and delivery management software. Advanced reporting features provide comprehensive visibility into operations, supporting better decision-making, while a dedicated customer service team ensures smooth data conversion and exceptional satisfaction.

RedSail's PrimeCare is a comprehensive long-term care pharmacy management system tailored for both long-term care and combo-shop pharmacies. It simplifies processes, boosts productivity, and helps ensure peak operational performance. PrimeCare integrates over 200 interfaces, leveraging government and industry standards to keep your pharmacy competitive. The WebConnect feature improves facility-to-pharmacy communication, providing staff with quick access to clinical and care data. Its industry-leading billing matrix automates price plans, charge accounts, and prescription rebills, ensuring accurate billing. Additionally, PrimeCare offers versatile dispensing options, accommodating various dispensing intervals and systems to meet the unique needs of each facility.

Advanced Security & Support

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software enhances security and support with its Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. This common identity service allows you to use the same login across multiple applications and can integrate with an existing Microsoft® active directory if needed. SSO simplifies access management while maintaining strong security across your pharmacy's digital ecosystem.

RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software offers advanced security and robust support features. The integrated Advanced Security module monitors changes to inventory, finance, and prescription records, safeguarding against employee theft and maintaining data integrity. The Remote Backup and Recovery Service protects your data from ransomware, malware, and natural disasters with daily encrypted backups stored in two separate data centers. This ensures quick data recovery and uninterrupted service to patients, providing peace of mind for your pharmacy operations.

Employee Security Login, Permissions, & Single Sign On

RedSail's Axys LTC long-term care pharmacy software supports Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling employees to use a single set of login credentials across multiple applications. This integration can also connect with existing Microsoft® active directories, simplifying the login process while maintaining robust security.

Additionally, RedSail's PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software enhances employee security by offering customizable access levels for each staff member. This feature allows precise definition and management of access permissions, ensuring that employees only access the information necessary for their roles. By protecting sensitive data and maintaining overall security, PrimeCare helps safeguard the pharmacy's operations.

24/7 Emergency Support & Support Portal

RedSail offers 24/7 emergency support specifically tailored for community and long-term care pharmacies, ensuring assistance is available during off-hours, including nights and weekends. This robust support system is designed to address urgent issues promptly, demonstrating RedSail’s commitment to providing continuous and effective service for pharmacy operations.

The RedSail Hub Customer Support Portal enhances the user experience by offering 24/7 access to a comprehensive suite of resources for Axys LTC, PrimeCare, DocuTrack, and DeliveryTrack software systems. It includes tutorials, manuals, training materials, and an interactive forum where users can engage with peers and RedSail staff. This portal is an essential tool for fostering a community of learning and sharing best practices, significantly aiding daily pharmacy operations and professional development.

HITRUST Certified r2 Logo

HITRUST Certified

RedSail Technologies, which includes Axys LTC, PrimeCare, DocuTrack, and DeliveryTrack, holds a HITRUST risk-based, 2-year (r2) certification, underscoring its strong commitment to information security. This certification ensures that RedSail adheres to stringent regulatory compliance standards and effectively manages risk.

This prestigious certification demonstrates that RedSail operates at the highest levels of data protection and compliance. It places RedSail among an elite group of global organizations recognized for their rigorous efforts to protect sensitive customer information and maintain strict compliance standards.

Learn more about HITRUST.
DirectTrust Accredited - e-prescribing

DirectTrust Accredited

RedSail Technologies' modules for ePrescribing (ePAP) and Claims Gateway (HNAP) have successfully received certification from DirectTrust. This certification validates RedSail's adherence to established data processing standards and security protocols critical for ePrescribing and managing prescription claims efficiently.

Achieving this accreditation underscores RedSail’s dedication to upholding strict security and data integrity standards across all its ePrescribing activities. It reflects our ongoing commitment to maintaining high-quality, secure infrastructure for handling sensitive health information.

Learn more about DirectTrust.

How RedSail LTC Pharmacy Software Benefits Your Pharmacy

Increasing efficiency
Automate and streamline workflows to handle a larger volume of prescriptions without increasing staff.
Improving accuracy
Reduce medication errors with enhanced checks and balances.
Ensuring compliance
Stay up to date with regulations specific to long-term care.
Expanding capabilities
Easily manage multiple facilities and complex billing scenarios.

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