Exclusive RedSail Copay Assistance Program

As a member of the RedSail network, you have access to the unique copay solutions of RedSail Advantage. By participating in this copay assistance designed specifically for use by RedSail network pharmacies, you receive the advantage of lower costs and increased revenue – and your patients save, too.
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How RedSail Copay Assistance Helps Pharmacies

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Significantly better copays for patients (copay savings up to 3x more)
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Two-week reimbursement vs. industry average of 2-3 months
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Ready-made marketing resources to promote copay assistance to patients and providers
patient care planning
Online portal with clear visibility to claims analytics
clinical program coaches
Clinical Program Coaches to advise and support
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RedSail RxAdvantage Copay Assistance Program
Tuesday, August 8, 1:30 PM (ET)  

Explore Current and Upcoming Manufacturer Savings

Active Now

Amneal Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Start date: July 2023

Amneal manufacturer savings card for epinephrine auto-injectors (generic for Adrenaclick).
  • Special RedSail-negotiated supply at $175/twin pack.
  • RedSail-negotiated patient savings up to $30 (compared to standard programs at $10).
  • Inventory purchased from R&S Northeast (for store use or distribution to outside providers).
  • Free shipping (minimum two 2-packs of injectors); each order incurs $6.95 fuel surcharge.
  • Eligible NDCs: 00115-1695-49, 00115-1694-49.
  • Available to any non-Medicare/Medicaid, commercially insured patient with a copay for the product.
  • BIN is 025937, and PCN is RXADV.
  • Two-week claim reimbursement. Weekly ACH deposits and 835 forms sent from RedSail Technologies.

How to Activate

Enroll and begin ordering with R&S Northeast.
Create an account with this wholesaler to order Amneal epinephrine inventory at RedSail's reduced price.
Enroll with R&S Pharmaceutical
See tips for R&S enrollment here.
See NRx/PrimeCare instructions for adding a new Amneal Price Plan
To ensure you get timely reimbursement from RedSail, Begin Enrollment.
Step 1. Establish reimbursement payment method.
Provide ACH payment information and gain access to online claims portal.
Begin Enrollment
Step 2. Enroll with R&S Northeast.
Create an account with this wholesaler to order inventory.
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Start date: August 2023

SK Life Science manufacturer savings card for XCOPRI (cenobamate tablets) CV.
  • This manufacturer copay coupon will automatically apply to eligible prescriptions for PioneerRx pharmacies.
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