Importance of Cloud-Based Pharmacy Software

A guide to how a hosted software platform can improve pharmacy performance

Cloud-based software is transforming how pharmacies manage operations and data security, freeing pharmacists to prioritize patient care rather than IT management. It offers benefits like cost savings, reliability, and flexibility, enhancing business scalability and efficiency.

Could you use a team of IT pros? Maybe some experts to optimize your servers, databases, and backup services? Every long-term care pharmacy could use some extra horsepower.

Pharmacies need to consider a hosted solution.

LTC pharmacies of any size benefit from an experienced team of technology experts to maintain the health of your pharmacy systems, associated servers, databases, and backups. We know this is not your core business, but effective technology is an absolute requirement when running a pharmacy. You either already have IT on staff or a contract with a third-party service provider – but it all comes at a cost.

Get out of hardware management.

The move to cloud-computing software places your pharmacy management system and associated data in the hands of seasoned IT experts, allowing you to be laser-focused on day-to-day pharmacy operations.

55% of organizations operate on a cloud-first strategy, and 44% are migrating more workloads to the cloud.1

With a web-based pharmacy management system, you achieve a scalable, protected end-to-end environment that eliminates hardware and:

  • Provides redundancy and ensures backup
  • Increases your cost savings
  • Improves the user experience

The best part? The change is almost immediate. Let’s get into specifics.

6 Ways Cloud-Based Software Enhances Your Business

1. Save money by removing hardware and going hosted:

Cloud computing is 40x more cost-effective compared to in-house IT systems for small to medium-sized businesses.2

You not only reduce up-front purchase costs but also avoid hardware upgrade and replacement costs over time. You eliminate internal resources or third-party contractors currently managing your environment and save money spent on backup and disaster recovery services. Cloud services eliminate these additional costs and variables, improving your bottom line.

2. Maintain productivity with dependable redundancy:

Natural disasters or hardware failures can result in business interruption. With online pharmacy software, your system and database are hosted in a cloud-computing platform like Microsoft® Azure® and managed by a dedicated IT team. Axys®, for instance is managed by our RedSail team. Your software and database are distributed to hosted servers across three separate physical locations called zones. These zones are networked together and if one goes down, you have failover to two others.

Server failover allows a backup server to automatically take over if the primary server goes offline, giving you peace of mind and the ability to continue your pharmacy work.

3. Build a flexible user experience for your team:

Among other advantages of cloud computing is access to your pharmacy management system from any location or device. As pharmacies navigate a new era of remote and hybrid work environments, this flexibility allows your business to explore new staffing models and retain skilled talent. Additionally, cloud pharmacy software is more easily serviceable. Upgrades, fixes, and new feature updates are fast and pushed seamlessly to all users without manual server updates.

A healthier system directly results in a healthier working environment for you and your team.

4. Make your business instantly scalable:

In a cloud-based platform, adjusting CPU, memory, and processing power is a dynamic process, just like your business. Rather than permanently increasing infrastructure to handle peak times, the hosted model monitors your system, dynamically increasing processing power and storage, so you only pay for what you use. This dynamic scalability allows your business to instantly ramp up during high-volume periods and then ramp down as needed.

In short, don’t continue to pay for what you don’t use.

5. Slice and dice your data for valuable business insight:

Reporting and business insights are challenging with data living on various physical servers. With cloud-based pharmacy software, all data that flows through your system and associated programs is consolidated into an accessible, secure remote environment. From there, you unlock complete flexibility. Use your data to produce prebuilt or custom reports that intelligently inform how to optimize your business.

Scalable, more accessible, and always at your fingertips – your data is waiting and available to you.

6. Achieve cutting-edge security for your business:

Microsoft Azure provides proven infrastructure security with advanced threat protection to ensure your data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. RedSail fortifies this with constant, in-depth monitoring of your environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With healthcare being even more stringent, RedSail and Microsoft Azure maintain the HITRUST CSF certification and offer native support to remain compliant with data standards involving HIPAA and the handling of PHI.

Between Azure and RedSail, the security of your data is covered.

Cloud-based or hosted models are becoming a standard across most industries.

The entire goal of Axys’ modern, cloud-hosted model is to provide the advantages of stress-free scalability and security to every pharmacy.

Get more time to focus on your pharmacy operations and servicing customers.

For more information: Introduction to Azure Security


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2 Excellence IT

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