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Boosting access to innovative healthcare solutions

RedSail is always working to ensure our network has access to the best tools for the challenges and opportunities of modern prescription healthcare.

Successful pharmacy businesses tackle many issues – communication, security, patient engagement, customer support, business efficiency, and more. RedSail Advantage offers vetted, specialized solutions and services to make it all easier.
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Exclusive RedSail Copay Assistance

Tap into the powerful copay solutions of RedSail RxAdvantage. Copay assistance programs designed for RedSail pharmacies save your patients money and enhance your bottom line. Advantages can include higher discounts, swift reimbursement, marketing resources, and clear visibility into claims analytics.
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Designed to Help Pharmacies Manage Cash Transactions

Easy to implement, this cash program is unique in its focus on benefiting the pharmacy, too. Your cash-paying patients save while you also optimize revenue. Benefits include dynamic pricing and reporting to help you optimize profitability, plus 100% of rebate dollars back from rebate and copay checking.
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Easy Medical Billing for Clinical Services

Pharmacists know expanding into immunizations, point-of-care testing, DME, and other clinical services will grow business. But to handle the medical billing, it’s invaluable to have an expert partner. RedSail Medical Billing works proactively to make it easy for pharmacists, capturing all the reimbursements they’re due – while operating within their standard workflow.
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