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Thank you for entrusting RedSail Technologies with your pharmacy software needs – your partnership and loyalty are truly invaluable to us. We would like to offer you an exciting opportunity to explore not one, but two advanced pharmacy management systems: PioneerRx® and BestRx®!
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Navigating Your Pharmacy’s Future Together

At RedSail Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing pharmacies with exceptional solutions and support. However, as technology advances, your current QS/1 NRx system will become increasingly difficult to sustain. To better prepare for the future and ensure your pharmacy continues to thrive, we recommend evaluating our modern, feature-rich pharmacy management solutions, PioneerRx and BestRx.

Both are built on advanced technology designed to adapt to the changing needs of your patients and industry. This ensures you can continue to deliver exceptional care for years to come.
Recognized as the country's leading pharmacy management system, PioneerRx offers robust features designed to enhance your pharmacy operations. Collaborating with community pharmacy, PioneerRx delivers features to improve speed, simplicity, flexibility, and results.
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For nearly 40 years, BestRx has provided independent pharmacies with simple, effective solutions to grow their business. With both traditional and cloud-hosted software available, flexible pricing tiers, and comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your business needs, it’s no wonder BestRx has consistently received some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.
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We understand that transitioning to a new system can feel overwhelming, which is why we have been working hard to create simple, cost-effective migration plans for both PioneerRx and BestRx.

Beginning in July, RedSail Technologies will offer a FREE* migration for 30 NRx locations per month to either PioneerRx or BestRx.  

This will be a first-come, first-served reservation. Sign up for your spot today!

Please know that RedSail remains committed to all customers regardless of platform and strives to deliver world-class support as we continue our partnership.

*Free migration includes data conversion, implementation, and 4 point-of-sale kits.