DocuTrack — Industry-Leading Pharmacy Workflow Software

The right pharmacy workflow solution can make a world of difference. DocuTrack is a comprehensive, customizable pharmacy workflow software that organizes and stores all the documents and media that keep your long-term care pharmacy running smoothly.

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Efficient and Accurate

Cut Down on Manual Tasks

DocuTrack helps your pharmacy work more efficiently, cutting down on wasteful and potentially expensive errors. The ability to access orders instantly means quick, accurate answers to customers’ questions and elevated staff productivity. Reports provide monitoring of your pharmacy’s productivity in real time.

Customizable Pharmacy Workflow

Tailored for Your Pharmacy

DocuTrack’s editable workflow and import rules allow you to mirror your current pharmacy processes for seamless adoption. Customize user roles and monitor staff or work remotely.
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Quick and Easy Audits

No Longer Live in Fear of Audits

DocuTrack’s Audit Assist will quickly process and build all the documentation needed to fulfill a pharmacy audit. An advanced content management system, each document has a complete audit history for every action taken.

Pharmacy Workflow Automation

Faster Processing with Automation

Reduce triage staff. Automated features with barcoding, custom routing rules, and ePrescribing integration allow for streamlined pharmacy workflow and faster order processing. For example, STAT orders can be automatically assigned to the correct handler.
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Powerful Search Features

Have Answers for Your Customers

With one click, DocuTrack’s Unified Search gives you the ability to find prescription status from DocuTrack, Axys, and DeliveryTrack. Access order progress quickly to answer customer inquiries of “Where’s my med?” and provide prescription verification. Performance reports let you see volume trends in the pharmacy while customizable alerts notify you of any order backups.

Reliable Accountability

Your Information On-Demand

Keeping records via DocuTrack means being able to find them when needed. You have the assurance that procedures and pharmacy workflow have been followed, thanks to an end-to-end system that stores all necessary documents – and makes them easy to recall, unlike with paper files.
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See What Our Customers Are Saying

“With DocuTrack, you can send a document that has everything that happened on it (and) that’s huge. In the end, it’s going to help the residents and the patients, which is why we do what we do.”

– Director of Operations
“There’s no more putting the customer on hold or saying we’ll call you back and going to pull a file. It’s right there, right in front of you with the click of a button.”

– Marketing Director
“We’ve actually had Medicare auditors walk into our building unannounced and want us to provide documents quickly. We’ve been able to do that and really haven’t had deficiencies on the Medicare side because it’s so easy and quick to find those documents in DocuTrack.”

– Operations Manager
“Documents come in. They’re imported directly into DocuTrack. They’re then routed to where they need to go. So, all the paper handling and the printing and the fax issues are gone.”

– IT Manager
“We were looking for something that would tie all the departments together and increase efficiencies.”

– President
“I just did an audit in two minutes flat! Thank you, DocuTrack! Normally that would have been a 30-60-minute task. Oh, how I love this system even more than I already did!”

– Billing Coordinator

Software Extensions


Process Automation

Are you wasting time and talent in your pharmacy on routine tasks? Adding process automation to your pharmacy workflow can make a real difference. Reduce manual tasks so your staff can focus on high-priority items that require a personal touch.
active directory

Active Directory

Centralize user management by reducing your IT tasks and simplify the complexity of HIPAA compliance. Monitor and safeguard your information with two-factor authentication (2FA).


Enable recognition of four different types of barcodes to further automate your pharmacy workflow.
Interfaces – eHR/eMAR

Interfaces – eHR/eMAR

DocuTrack interfaces with more than 60 industry technologies, which provides complete flexibility and scalability to grow your business and improve efficiency.
Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Connect and exchange information between your customers and vendor partners, using tools that work best for you.
Direct Print

Direct Print

The remote, virtual print capability enables printing into DocuTrack from insite or outside your network.
Real-Time Viewer

Real-Time Viewer

Web-based pharmacy workflow visibility. Monitor workflows and system alerts to better manage your time.
Cloud Fax

Cloud Fax

Modernize your pharmacy fax software system and reduce costs related to handling paper documents. Cloud Fax is a powerful, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant solution with enterprise-level flexibility and no hidden fees.
Axys platform

Complete Your Platform

Axys, working seamlessly with DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack, provides the most advanced pharmacy platform available. Equip your pharmacy with this industry-leading, modern, and scalable technology.
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Axys is long-term care’s first cloud-based pharmacy management software – and that’s a difference that matters.

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Pharmacy Delivery Software

Manages all aspects of your pharmacy delivery process from item validation and route optimization to signature capture, providing audit compliance and peace of mind.

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Axys pharmacy software

Ultimate Pharmacy Platform

The Axys pharmacy management system, working seamlessly with DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack, provides the most advanced pharmacy platform available. Equip your pharmacy with this industry-leading, modern, and scalable technology.