RedSail Technologies Announces Improved User Experience for DocuTrack Secure Messaging Interface, Powered by Mediprocity

Media Contact: Dylan Souza
Senior Director of Marketing, RedSail
RedSail Technologies, LLC

(Spartanburg, SC – 9/29/2023) RedSail Technologies is excited to announce an enhanced user experience for customers of its premier product, DocuTrack, thanks to a pivotal partnership with Mediprocity. The new DocuTrack Secure Messaging interface promises instant, HIPAA-secure collaboration among various healthcare professionals – including pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, nurse teams, prescribers, and DONs.

The modern healthcare industry is marked by its swift pace and the urgent need for seamless communication. Gone are the days of leaving voicemails and manually sorting through stacks of faxes. As the trend shifts toward efficient, paperless communication, RedSail Technologies is at the forefront, providing tools to modernize and streamline vital interactions.

Key Features & Benefits:

Instant Collaboration: Directly from the DocuTrack interface, users can send messages, images, Rx order clarifications, and documents in a manner reminiscent of texting – instantly and securely. Mediprocity Message contents can be easily placed and saved onto DocuTrack documents for future reference or audit reviews.

Enhanced Communications: With the power of Mediprocity, Secure Messaging eliminates the need for traditional faxes, phone calls, and voicemails. This ensures rapid problem-solving, quick answers, and improved coordination of care. The integrated interface ensures that you can send files and messages right from the DocuTrack screen.

Secure Forms Integration: Administrative tasks are now simplified, as paperwork transitions to efficient webforms. Accessible from any device, whether it's a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the data from these completed forms integrates seamlessly into the DocuTrack management screen. Pharmacies and facilities can breathe a sigh of relief as tasks like admissions notifications, HIPAA release forms, and vaccine consents become straightforward.

SureCount Narcotic Control Tool: This feature addresses the pressing need for accurate narcotic control. It not only aids in preventing diversion errors but also offers real-time updates on inventory counts. Facilities can confidently transition away from paper-based systems, knowing that they can track shifts and narcotic counts online. Plus, with automated low-quantity alerts, there's an assurance that patients will always have access to essential medications, minimizing potential emergencies.

"This collaboration with Mediprocity is not just about streamlining processes; it's about enhancing patient care, ensuring transparency, and significantly reducing operational costs. We're proud to be part of this revolution in pharmacy software solutions," says Eddie Buchanan, Product Manager at RedSail Technologies.

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