RedSail Technologies® Announces Integration Between Axys® and AR Proactive

Media Contact: Dylan Souza
Senior Director of Marketing
RedSail Technologies, LLC

(Spartanburg, SC – 1/25/2024) RedSail Technologies, LLC, developer of Axys, is proud to announce the launch of its integration with AR Proactive, a patient billing and payments automation software.

The integration of Axys and AR Proactive is a significant development that will help healthcare providers streamline their patient billing processes. With the integration, healthcare providers will be able to upload a patient statement file to AR Proactive and then receive payments from patients, similar to the way providers upload claim files to traditional payers and receive payments. Pricing is pay-as-you-go based on the cost of a stamp or email. (Demos can be booked at

"RedSail Technologies is focused on simplifying the life of pharmacies. AR Proactive is focused on simplifying the patient billing process for pharmacies and speeding up payments while providing a better patient billing experience. This is a perfect partnership: the patient wins and the pharmacy wins,” says Rich Handler, CEO of AR Proactive.

The Axys integration with AR Proactive is part of RedSail Technologies' ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that help healthcare providers achieve their business objectives. With this integration, RedSail is helping healthcare providers navigate an ever-changing market landscape with confidence and stability.

RedSail is currently scheduling future implementations of Axys. For more information and product demos, contact, or visit


About RedSail Technologies

RedSail Technologies, a trusted innovator in pharmacy software, is transforming patient care. Empowering over 10,000 pharmacies serving more than 8 million patients monthly, RedSail has deep experience with the needs and concerns of pharmacy across sectors – community, long-term care, outpatient, clinic, HME/DME, and specialty pharmacies – and their pharma, payer, and strategic industry partners.

Knowing the heart of pharmacy is the desire to provide meaningful patient care, RedSail makes daily pharmacy operations more seamless through advanced pharmacy management systems, transactional and medical billing services, and patient engagement solutions. Our leading brands, including PioneerRx®, groundbreaking Axys® long-term care pharmacy software, PowerLine®, TransactRx®, and QS/1®, provide the efficiency and industry integration that liberate pharmacists to focus on patients.

About AR Proactive

AR Proactive helps pharmacies automate patient billing, payments, and follow-up. We integrate with RedSail Technologies to automate:

  • Invoice Mailing and Emailing: Providing links to your payment portal and customizable messaging to patients.
  • Patient Autopay: Patient's credit card (or ACH) is charged automatically each month for the balance due.
  • Automatic Follow-up: Customizable reminders to patients.
  • Patient Portal: Patients pay, view bills, and sign up for Autopay online, thus helping reduce "touches" from your staff.

The results are simplified billing, providing better patient experience and higher patient payments. Learn more at and book a demo at