Services Directory: 340B Programs


PharmaForce is a smart and cost-effective approach to 340B Program Management. It is a comprehensive 340B technology platform that is powered by rules-based compliance engines to assist covered entities in managing their Contract Pharmacy, Mixed Use/Split Billing and Home Infusion needs.

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Script Care (SCL 340B CARE)

Script Care (SCL 340B CARE) provides an operational framework to meet administrative and inventory control challenges, maximize potential savings, control cost for covered entities, and help manage compliance and reporting. SCL offers a unique combination of experience with the complicated regulations governing 340B programs and system and platform flexibility, which allows them to quickly adapt to both ever-changing government regulations and the evolving needs of their clients.


CaptureRx manages inventory and financial flow for 340B prescriptions filled at contract pharmacies and performs the eligibility checks required to comply with 340B program requirements.

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Provides pharmacies the ability to easily track orders and invoices to maintain cash flow and reduce paperwork. Safeguards support 340B compliance and help prevent drug diversion.

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Sentry 340B

Maintains a staff of 75 technology experts, 35 support specialists and a dozen pharmacists and medical professionals. It offers solutions to pinpoint savings opportunities with automated workflow solutions.

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Verity 340B®

With 340B prices changing every quarter, Verity 340B Purchase Analytics is an automated solution to help covered entities capture additional savings opportunities by identifying the lowest spread between 340B and non-340B drug prices, providing the "best fit" within your inventory.

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Pharmacy Data Management, Inc. (PDMI)

Delivers a comprehensive end-to-end 340B solution. It manages the eligibility process from start to finish with the pharmacy's data format and frees the pharmacy from having to identify 340B-qualified prescriptions. It also provides a comprehensive, integrated and easily auditable picture of eligibility for patients, drugs dispensed, health records, purchases and invoices.

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340Beyond by American Health Care

340Beyond provides 340B drug programs, disease management, and pharmacy benefit management programs to hundreds of hospitals and health centers nationwide.

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Hudson Headwaters 340B

Hudson Headwaters 340B offers inventory management for 340B drugs and provides standard reports on dispensing activity and inventory. The service also ensures audit readiness by sampling scripts annually or as requested.

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340Basics is a cloud-based technology solution that captures and processes 340B-eligible patient claims.

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