Services Directory: Adherence Programs


Can increase patient loyalty by allowing pharmacies to engage their patients and focus on adherence, revenue growth and Five-Star ratings and it offers health-screening events, along with allergy and asthma awareness programs for participating pharmacies.

For more information, or to enroll, visit or call 800.960.8147.


Provides a tool for measuring total Star Ratings or per-patient ratings per measure. It identifies new or lost patients quickly and displays them on an interactive geographical map. It compares the best NDCs for dispensing to enhance revenue and offers dashboards for measuring performance and identifying opportunities. It also tracks prescription volume, generic fill rates and maintenance medication usage.

For more information, or to enroll, visit or call 877.602.4179.

Health-Minder® by QS/1

Health-Minder is a feature in QS/1's software that automatically refills prescriptions for patients who are enrolled. If pharmacies utilize QS/1's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, patients can be notified when their refills are ready for pickup through the call-out feature. If patients prefer to receive notifications via email or text, there is an additional service available through ConnectiveRx powered by PDR.

For more information, or to set up Health-Minder, visit and select the appropriate QS/1 Product Web Help or call 800.845.7558. For more info or to enroll in text and email services, email: email or call 800.845.7558, ext. 1471.


ENGAGE is a comprehensive patient management solution that helps you efficiently prioritize and deliver on all clinical opportunities, improve Star Ratings, and strengthen the relationships you have with your patients.

For more information or to enroll, visit


Provides solutions to support clinical services, including identifying, resolving, documenting and communicating medication therapy issues, for patients and prescribers. You must sign up with OutcomesMTM before integrating the service into your QS/1 system.

To integrate Outcomes within your QS/1 system, email or call 800.845.7558 ext 1471.

CarePoints® powered by PDR®

Offers free direct-to-patient messaging programs to provide targeted health-education messages based on past transactions and behavior. CarePoints integrates with QS/1 software and is customized for each store, allowing pharmacies to promote their programs to their patients. For each CarePoints printed, pharmacies accumulate credits that are applied to their quarterly PowerLine invoices.

To enroll: email or call 800.845.7558, ext. 1471.