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ENGAGE is a comprehensive patient management solution that helps you efficiently prioritize and deliver on all clinical opportunities, improve Star Ratings, and strengthen the relationships you have with your patients.


Measures a pharmacy's performance against benchmarks, assesses market opportunities, designs and monitors customer loyalty programs and manages patient adherence, persistence and compliance programs.

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Provides a tool for measuring total Star Ratings or per-patient ratings per measure. It identifies new or lost patients quickly and displays them on an interactive geographical map. It compares the best NDCs for dispensing to enhance revenue and offers dashboards for measuring performance and identifying opportunities. It also tracks prescription volume, generic fill rates and maintenance medication usage.


Provides a pharmacy knowledge base with data analytics and actionable intelligence on your operations in order to better drive business performance. It offers a Week-At-a-Glance dashboard, which shows performance over the last 12 weeks. It measures year-over-year results of your pharmacy's progress and compares it with your peers.

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Profit Leader Program - CardinalHealth™

Analyzes all drugs dispensed throughout the pharmacy to ensure maximum profit potential and assigns a pharmacy advisor to review and suggest courses of action. It offers multiple areas of focus, including prescription-pricing and third-party profitability analysis, generic utilization and efficiency, correction of underpaid claims, reverse and rebill reports and Cardinal Inventory promotional products.

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Mevesi® Intelligent Analytics

Is the superior analytics tool for community and institutional pharmacy. Designed for pharmacists' needs, Mevesi unifies prescription, point-of-sale, claims, inventory, and other data into one view, transforming data into decisions. The goal is to provide you with sophisticated but simply accessed insights into your business – because the pharmacy's data is always growing, pharmacists' time is valuable, and your business health is good for everyone.

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