Services Directory: Inventory Management

Inventory Manager (CIM)

CIM is a web-based solution, providing visibility and control to pharmacy inventory by integrating with pharmacy management systems, like QS/1. The automated approach helps to reduce excess inventory and increase turns, while reducing the amount of time spent on inventory tasks. CIM offers automated ordering with pre-determined quantities based on demand, the ability to control inventory at the NDC and therapeutic group levels, actionable reporting, and dedicated consultative account support.

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Applies consistent data-driven methodologies that easily integrate into existing workflow to manage prescription drug inventory. It provides pharmacies with the tools they need to accurately manage inventory by setting quantities and re-order points, which can increase profits and improve customer service.

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P4 Technologies, LLC

Minimizes operating costs by placing orders utilizing a cost structure to meet financial objectives. It allows pharmacies to place orders at the last possible moment while still meeting service objectives. It helps reduce spoilage for short-date products by setting an allowed spoilage percentage and offers an executive dashboard to assess company performance and review future projections.

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Inventory Management by SureCost®

Provides pharmacies with tools to manage inventory in a single application and track it through its lifecycle - ordering, receiving, dispensing, adjustments and transfers. It provides real-time reports with insight into levels, variances and stale inventory at each location and integrates with the SureCost purchasing system.

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