Services Directory: Rebate Programs

Symphony Health Solutions

Symphony Health offers a rebate program based on de-identified prescription data. The data is used to compile information on drugs prescribed, drug quantities, regional information, and other analytics for the healthcare industry.

To enroll: email or call 800.845.7558, ext. 1471. For more information, visit


Reports therapeutic market share performance to drug manufacturers for rebates.

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CarePoints® powered by PDR®

Offers free direct-to-patient messaging programs to provide targeted health-education messages based on past transactions and behavior. CarePoints integrates with QS/1 software and is customized for each store, allowing pharmacies to promote their programs to their patients. For each CarePoints printed, pharmacies accumulate credits that are applied to their quarterly PowerLine invoices.

To enroll: email or call 800.845.7558, ext. 1471.

FFS Part B Rebate Program (Roche)

Offers a paperless program that does not require data to be submitted directly from the pharmacy. It collects Medicare/Medicaid claims via QS/1's PowerLine™ claims switch, submits them to Roche and processes them once they are verified. To participate, pharmacies must be Medicare Part B/Medicaid FFS providers and accept assignments on ACCU-CHEK® products and purchases through an authorized distributor.

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