Services Directory: Reconciliation Services


Offers a full range of programs and services through a buying group of more than 1,000 independently owned pharmacies across the country. Reconciliation programs are available through QS/1's Data Collection service to member pharmacies that enroll.

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GeriMed offers reconciliation and other services for member pharmacies.

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NHIN provides reconciliation services to assist pharmacies with filling, submitting, and receiving reimbursements for third-parties.

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Verifies third-party payments match adjudicated amounts and identifies unpaid and underpaid claims. It requests monies due by third-party payers and tracks open receivables to the claim level.

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Provides pharmacies and health systems of all sizes with applications that include claim reconciliation, exception management and patent-pending technology for managing contracts and business intelligence. It manages claims and provides payment reconciliation services for pharmacies to ensure appropriate reimbursements.

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A web-based service that positively transforms the way pharmacies manage their claim and payment data. ProviderPay automates and accelerates many of the tasks required to manage the financial side of the pharmacy, such as reconciling claims to remittances, connecting to and managing electronic payers, and compiling key information for pharmacy actions.

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