Services Directory: Refill and Website Services

mobileRx® by QS/1

Offers patients the ability to refill multiple prescriptions on a mobile device or web browser by entering their prescription numbers, scanning the barcode on the prescription bottle or with their Patient Profile. mobileRx displays store information, including a map and phone number, and integrates with QS/1's systems to start the refill process, validate the prescription in real time and display the delivery method. There is no charge for mobileRx for pharmacies that subscribe to QS/1's, QS/1's Express Prescription Refills or QS/1's Basic API.

To enroll: email or call 800.845.7558, ext. 1471.

Express Prescription Refills by QS/1

Offers pharmacies a single-hosted web page to provide online refill services with minimal effort. It provides the option to add a QS/1-provided link to any existing website, allowing patients to quickly enter refill requests online. It communicates directly with QS/1's systems to eliminate data entry, simplifying the filling process and improving workflow. It validates prescriptions in real time and includes the delivery method, date and time they will be ready for pickup.

To enroll: email or call 800.845.7558, ext. 1471.

Basic API by QS/1

Provides online prescription refills via a pharmacy-hosted web application. The service is ideal for high-volume pharmacies with an existing website, and it integrates with websites built with .NET platform. It also displays messages for rejected refill requests.

To enroll, please contact your QS/1 Sales Representative.®

Offers a web presence by providing a complete line of services designed to fulfill website needs without having to add IT resources or a web developer. It provides patients the option to manually create a profile and shortens the online-refill process by allowing patients to quickly enter a refill.

To enroll: email or call 800.845.7558, ext. 1471.