Axys LTC: Revolutionizing Long-Term Care

Technology is everywhere, it impacts everything, and it’s only getting more advanced. Modern technology helps provide residents with safe, quality care in the long-term care setting. With an aging U.S. population and LTC landscape changes, LTC pharmacies must embrace new tech or risk a failure to scale or expand services. Axys® LTC is long-term care’s first cloud-based pharmacy management software – and that’s a difference that matters. Developed from scratch, it represents a significant leap over traditional LTC pharmacy systems, offering enhanced efficiency and scalability. Axys can strengthen your business now and prepare your pharmacy for the future.

It’s Time for Modern LTC Pharmacy Software

Having the latest technology is an undeniable advantage as the healthcare industry evolves. Axys LTC pharmacy management system delivers distinct benefits like fast updates, low-cost scaling, and comprehensive security, making training and support substantially easier.

Let’s look at ways Axys LTC can help your pharmacy stand out from the rest of the pack.

1. Data Security

With the emphasis on the importance of data security, ease of access to data is paramount for efficient pharmacy operations. What’s more, a secure pharmacy system safeguards sensitive patient information, from their health records to financial information.

Axys LTC safeguards all patient — and pharmacy — information, so you can focus on the task on your pharmacy’s day-to-day operations. Our Single Sign On (SSO) service ensures that you can easily and securely log in to your software. Powerful security and ease of use, all in one package

2. User Experience and Scalability

The Axys LTC system is user-friendly and intuitive requiring less time for onboarding new employees. Axys’ professionally UX-designed screens make for less training time with its ease of use. This ensures new hires can quickly acclimate to your software and enhance your pharmacy’s workflow.

3. Market Needs

The market for long-term care is evolving, with a focus on aging at home, regulatory changes, and the need for modern, scalable technology solutions. Axys LTC makes sure your pharmacy is ahead of the curve, all the while you focus on the task at hand.

As the country’s first cloud-based pharmacy software, Axys LTC keeps its ear to the ground to give your the most modern and comprehensive pharmacy system in the market.

4. Reporting

Axys LTC offers advanced reporting potential across single or multiple pharmacy sites. Axys LTC lets you access data across multiple pharmacies, from financial reports to inventory. These reports help you create a plan of action to sustain your pharmacy’s long-term success.

5. Integrations

Joining the RedSail family ensures you get the best and most comprehensive pharmacy services in the market. Axys LTC integrates with RedSail’s best-in-class DocuTrack pharmacy workflow software and DeliveryTrack pharmacy delivery software – making it the ultimate pharmacy platform.

Axys LTC makes vaccines and other clinical services more streamlined and efficient. Its medical billing platform helps turn your pharmacy into a true healthcare destination.


The future of long-term care pharmacy technology is a bright one. Axys LTC software ensures that users and pharmacy professionals can take part in that future.

New technology, whether in the form of automation or pharmacy software, pushes the industry forward. Staying adaptable is an absolute necessity in the pharmacy industry, so stay with the times with the help of Axys LTC.

Reach out today to learn more about Axys LTC. Built with the most modern technology, Axys LTC can help you Care Differently®.

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Written by:
Emily Smith
Product Marketing Manager, RedSail Technologies
Emily Smith

Emily loves to learn and connect ideas in new ways, with a focus on customers' needs and empathy for their challenges. In her role as RedSail product marketing manager, Emily educates on innovation and encourages its use to improve pharmacy care.

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